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The Original Blue Bayou

What is a Blue Bayou? The Blue Bayou was a quiet bayou located in Louisiana. In the Blue Bayou, a thin layer of mist would often float over the water’s surface. The inhabitants of the bayou typically lived in houseboats and elevated shacks that were situated in the middle of the swamp. The Original Blue […]

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Capturing the Spirit and Sound of Linda Rondstadt

Linda Ronstadt:  Impressive Vocal Range, Relatable Lyrics, Catchy Melodies- Linda Ronstadt is known for her impressive vocal range, relatable lyrics, and catchy melodies.  In a time of scandals overshadowing talent, Linda never fell victim.  In total, Linda Ronstadt has released over 30 studio albums and 15 compilation albums.  Ronstadt had 38 Billboard Hot 100 singles, […]

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Reconnecting to Her Musical Talent

Carolyn Brown-Benson, Lead Singer Carolyn started out in musical theater when she was very young. She attended Shenandoah Conservatory of Music for 2 years. Although she possessed natural music talent, Carolyn was not able to recognize her talents at the time. Carolyn’s career in marketing allowed her to remain creative, but took her away from […]

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BLUE BAYOU...a tribute to Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt has captured the hearts and souls of music lovers since the late 60's when she entered the music scene with The Stone Poneys. Linda's music speaks to all generations. She is and still remains the Queen of Rock. Blue Bayou's Lead Singer, Carolyn Brown-Benson, is keeping Linda Ronstadt's music alive and introducing it to new generations.

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"The Blue Bayou Tribute band featuring Carolyn Brown-Benson is perfect for both large and more intimate settings. The band has tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and talent, and they are consistently well-received. Every time I hear them play it is clear that the audience is having a great time. I highly recommend this band and can't wait to hear them again!"

Michele Perigaut

“Carolyn Benson is an amazing singer AND entertainer.  She is not like a Lot of musicians who come in with prepared set lists, sings 10-15 songs and takes a break.  Instead she likes to see and meet the crowd and get the vibe of what they want to hear.  She has a knack for knowing exactly how to choose the right song and keeping the flow of the evening. starting off with some Carole King, and ending with some fun dance music like Abba. And She knows How to get the crowd on their feet. It’s always about making sure the audience is having a good time. That’s what sets her apart….” Ron Hoffmann, Bliss Restaurant

“All the yacht club members and guests enjoyed Carolyn and her band’s performance.  We will definitely have you back soon!” Dennis Daly, Entertainment Chairman, Stony Brook Yacht Club

“Blue Bayou with Carolyn Brown-Benson as a Tribute to Linda Ronstadt is a fabulous celebration!  Performances at The Paramount, 89 North in Patchogue and more intimate settings at Bliss Restaurant in Setauket were enthusiastically received.  Carolyn’s voice combined with a very talented 4-piece band definitely channels Linda!” Marie Ann Mordeno, Western Suffolk BOCES