Capturing the Spirit and Sound of Linda Rondstadt

Linda Ronstadt:  Impressive Vocal Range, Relatable Lyrics, Catchy Melodies-

Linda RonstadtLinda Ronstadt is known for her impressive vocal range, relatable lyrics, and catchy melodies.  In a time of scandals overshadowing talent, Linda never fell victim.  In total, Linda Ronstadt has released over 30 studio albums and 15 compilation albums.  Ronstadt had 38 Billboard Hot 100 singles, with 21 reaching the top 40, 10 in the top 10, three at number 2, and “You’re No Good” at number 1.

Linda’s professional career began in the 1960s, as part of California’s folk rock movement that was sweeping the area at the time.  During this time, she joined forces with Bobby Kimmel and Kenny Edwards, and became the lead singer of The Stone Poneys.  In 1969, Ronstadt released ‘Hand Sown … Home Grown’ in 1969, which came to be known as the first alternative Stone Poneyscountry record by a female recording artist.  This was followed by ‘Heart Like a Wheel’, ‘Simple Dreams’, and ‘Living in the USA’.

Linda was voted as the Top Female Pop Singer of the ‘70s, and was one of the top-grossing artists of that decade.  With favorites spanning several decades, from “Blue Bayou” to “When Will I Be Loved?”, and “You’re No Good to Her” duet in the 1980s, “Somewhere Out There”, Linda Ronstadt’s music is timeless.

Linda Retires from Singing

Linda Ronstadt Blue Bayou

In 2011, Linda Ronstadt retired from her singing career.  It wasn’t because she wanted to; She had to.  Linda was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease that year and, tragically in her case, it affected her vocal cords.

Always a private person, Linda gave an interview revealing her diagnosis and reason for retiring.  She wanted to ensure her fans that it was not a choice she would have made, and went on to say that she had worked with her doctors and tried to sing.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a physical possibility any longer.  For reasons like this, it is extremely important that the talent of Long Island’s own Blue Bayou – A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt, is able to shine.  With Linda herself unable to perform or record any longer, Blue Bayou captures her spirit and her sound.  Most wonderful of all, they are located right in our backyard!

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