Reconnecting to Her Musical Talent

Carolyn Brown-Benson, Lead Singer

Carolyn Brown-Benson, Reconnecting to her Musical TalentCarolyn started out in musical theater when she was very young. She attended Shenandoah Conservatory of Music for 2 years. Although she possessed natural music talent, Carolyn was not able to recognize her talents at the time.

Carolyn’s career in marketing allowed her to remain creative, but took her away from her musical talents for many years. During that time Carolyn married and had 2 children. Because of their love & support she was able to move forward and step back onto the stage.

In 2002, during a challenging time, Carolyn stepped back into music for refuge by joining a singing group at the Performing Arts Studio. This group reconnected her to music and singing. It ignited her confidence to begin pursuing her natural talent for music.
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