Eugene Henriksen

Eugene Henriksen, Drummer, Blue Bayou BandEugene Henriksen, Drummer for Blue Bayou Band.

Eugene Henriksen, also known as “Gino,” has been performing on the drums for over 25 years.  In addition to the drums, Eugene also is a great singer. His family has influenced his love for music and performing.

Eugene has a passion for rock n roll but also enjoys pop, country, reggae and jazz.  He finds inspiration from Tommy Lee, Alex Van Halen and John Banks and currently performs as part of the band Completely Unchained, a Van Halen Tribute Band.  He was also a member of the Billy Idol Tribute Band, Big Shot.

Eugene also inspires young elementary and middle school musicians through Music Idol Talent Shows.  Based on the Television Series American Idol,  Eugene brings a spectacular production to schools where students can perform their special talents for friends, family and classmates.
Whether it’s a competition Idol Show  or a talent show, Eugene and the Music Idol staff guide students through the many facets of preparing and performing right up to the Show.

In his spare time, Eugene enjoys working out and watching baseball and football.

Eugene has always enjoyed Linda Ronstadt’s music and welcomed the opportunity to be part of the Blue Bayou Band and the great group of musicians that Carolyn Benson brought together.